brand new fiberglass bumpers FS


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Mar 8, 2005
I bought them from G-bodyparts...excellent condition and great clearance on the car around the fillers. These (front and rear) are primed, sanded, and prepped for paint...but NOT painted. They are the smooth bumpers with no rubstrips or bumperettes...$350 plus shipping.
Only if someone else wanted the front and both were a guaranteed sale for the amount of $350 plus shipping, total.
I don't need both because I already have a glass front end but now all we need to do is convince someone to pay $300 for the front bumper and we should be good.
yes...Brian sold them to me just recently from G body don't use the bumper core supports, you just drill them and bolt them direct to the bumper Kirban's. These are Token, I think that's what Brian said.
I have pics...I can email if you wish. Like I said they've been prepped, primed, and sanded...I'd do one light coat of sanding right before you spray them it it were me...that's what the body shop was going to do right before they painted them.
pics all went out this guy called me local from the board prior to me rec'ing the pic requests...he has first dibs. I'll keep you guys posted.