Brand new Garrett gt-4294 Turbo


Im back!! Maybe for good
Up for sale is a Brand new Garrett GT-42 94mm turbo with a 1.15 AR this turbo has a 94mm exducer and 70.3mm inducer wheel. It has a T6 tangential flange. Included with the turbo is one T6 flange made of 304 stainless and is 3/8" thick. You can view the compressor map here: also more info can be found here

looking to get 950.00 plus shipping or im open for trades on a smaller turbo perfer a gt turbo plus cash, or maybe some other intresting stuff, I'm looking to built a production 4.1, so I could use some stuff for that motor, I need injectors, ecm, large throttle body and plenum, downpipe, all kinds of stuff that could add up to my asking price.


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I'm planning on a alcohol 383 turbo motor but I have to hold off right now, so im going to be building a 4.1 for it since it would be fairly cheap to do so. I have a lot of bad azz parts for the SB like some very nice AFR heads, manley rods, aeromotive belt driven alcohol fuel pump, and a lot of other misc. parts. So I'm going to be selling my SB parts to put a v6 back in it for now! The car has all tube rear control arms and a wolfe sway bar in it now, but thats about all I have done lately. She is still my baby but I just miss driving her so I'm going to have to hold off until I get my promotion at work to either built a stage motor or turbo SBC. hows the TTA Joe??
WOW, your building a SB beast! The TTA is doing good, I'm selling most of my fast parts and going back back to the K.I.S.S. tune. Other than that all is good.
What Is KISS??? I was building a beast, that was the turbo for it. it's pretty big and heavy weighing in at 45 lbs.!!!
Ahhh another SBC Convert.
This turbo is a little on the small side in single configuration for a SBC.
I would look for something in the 76 to 91MM Range.
I could use two of these for my stage 2 project.
You may want to consider a t4 flanged turbine housing and using it on the 4.1.
TTT. A steal at 850.00 plus shipping I perfer Paypal! I have all positive feedback on ebay selling everything including cars. username 10_sec_gn