Brand New Hydroboost kit from Power Brake Service, Brand new Transmission lines.


The Artist FKA Scott4DMny
May 27, 2001
I have for sale a brand new never used(only mounted) entire Hydroboost kit from Power Brake Service. When I ordered this a couple years ago, I got the top of the line of everything, braided teflon hoses, polished aluminum reservoir with separated return, Corvette style aluminum master cylinder, filter and brand new(not refurbished) hydroboost. Now, in order to make this deal, I would ask that you send me your original power steering reservoir/bracket if possible. I drilled two holes for the new reservoir on the factory bracket and will be including that with the polished reservoir. Secondly, I will need your firewall bracket(the 4 bolt one) as I had to enlarge the hole in the factory one and will be including that as well. Lastly, I would like your stock hoses/fittings that you removed from your power steering pump. You will take them out when you swap to the new fittings. I paid well over $1000 for this setup. $675 shipped FIRM with your fittings/hoses etc. In exchange, or 750 shipped outright.

I also have a gbody parts set of new transmission lines. Asking $50 local pickup(chicago area) but if I have to ship it will be around $75 total.

I accept paypal but I please ask that you send as a gift or add 3% to cover the fees.

Here are the photos:

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Damn I just order one for my car can I ask why your not going to install
I need to get funds. I was building two cars at once. But I am tired of not having anything to drive. Ill buy another one down the road.

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