BRF 2004R trans with billet drum, rollerized, t-brake


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This unit is a solid bottom 10 capable street/strip trans.
Billet drum, fully rollerized gear train, front pump and output shaft, custom servo, and trans brake (stage right type, but quicker, and better releasing). This is a lock up trans and has an upgraded TCC switch and new pressure switches.
The unit also has 555 and 405 boost valves, rev kit, Alto wide red band, billet anchor pin, and extra clutches throughout. All Alto red clutches throughout.
This trans also has a baffle in the pan for fluid control, and drain plug installed.
$2250 outright shipped to you (cont U.S.)with no core needed. Look around and compare prices, this is a great deal with the core included.
As with the other unit, if you return a good BRF core, we can knock $300 off the price.

1 year no B.S. warranty on both of these.
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Thank you very much...