Brother vs brother

When I got my first tr back in 99, It was horrible out of tune, needed the header fixed, and the cat was clogged, once I got it sorted out, with the help of locals off, It went from a knocking dog, to a stock turbo, intercooler, but with all the fuel it needed, and a bad ass tune and good gas, plus drag radials before anybody else even knew what they where, My brother got a 95 trans am, it felt WAY faster then a 14 flat car, we found out it had lt4 intake heads and cam, he bought it off a lot and got those goodies by pure luck, by the butt dyne I was very worried, plus he could REALLY drive, he talked a bunch of mess, but he had stock tires, that was my ace in the hole, I got a new transmission from bruce, and was ready to take him on, we went from a dead stop(i wouldn't mess with him from a roll), I got him by 5 cars to 60,and let off, but I was pulling on the Top end too!!!! at my school there was a 98 cobra with a SC and 4.30 gear, I whooped him by 15 cars!!!! the drag radials made me almost invincible on the street, and nobody knew what a grey t-type was!!! I had stock rims, and faded paint, All my money and time went into getting the car running Stock, and then modding from there!!! My whole school went to the track, nobody cracked 13.5, but my car ran a 12.50@106(I needed valve springs).
I put on 235/60/15 radials for winter driving, and the car would get sideways from a 45mph roll, and would blow the tires off on the 1-2 shift, and chirp them hard on the 2-3, bruce transmissions even kicked ass in 2000!!!