bruces new shift kit

Otto J

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May 31, 2001
i just go bruce's new shift kit and installed it today with his pressure reg system,the car is a 89 tta (friends car)fresh stock rebuild with so-so shifts,installed the kit,1 word
UNBELIEVABLE!!! tha shift quality and timing are perfect, nice firm tire chirping shifts, well worth the money, i have tried 4 other kits, not one ever worked perfect the first tr always had to mess with springs, holes in the plate, this thing addded fluid and drove away happy
thanks again Bruce
So Otto...

Since you are the first one to report back on this, publically on the board, Please go into detail about time involved, ease of installation ,and level of skill required, how easy to understand what to do, and the simplicity of the kit vs the results?
I was gonna say "and post results" but I guess you are very happy:D
Glad it all worked out and enjoy:)
as far as how eassy to install, i have been doing tranny work for about 11 years so it was a walk in the park for me,but it definetly was the easiest to install and understand,as far as if you have never done one before,maybe giving some slight insight on how to put he balls in the case when the trans is still in the car,(i transjeled them to the plate) that might give the less experienced the most problem
Ya know I was just going to post something on this, about which one to buy, and I know Bruce has talked about using Art Carr before but only certain items from it. So what's the scoop then, how much is it? Availability? Basically like a standard shift kit install? I've done a couple shift kits before so I guess I'm not a rookie at it....let me know as I'm going to install a converter here soon and would like to put a kit in it while its out........thanks
Hey Bruce the links are not working......could you just give me prices and all the good stuff or e-mail it to me....I am looking to do this within a week or so....thanks
the price on the kit i believe was 79 bucks simple to install if you have done ity before just take you time and look over everything, 1` thing i do recommend is also purchasing his pressure regulator system it is another hundred bucks but adds ever more pressure stabilty to the system
PTS Shift Kit

I installed Bruce's kit, very simple worked perfectly. Easy install-plate is already drilled and ready to go. I've bought every brand and installed everyone except Transgo--too many springs and I found PTS just before I did the deed.

I "backed" out a B&M shift kit to install Bruce's. Much better!

WhoNds8 -- The links worked for me, maybe you have a technical problem. Try highlighting the link post, do control-C then click on the browser address box (should highlight) then do control-V to drop the address, then just hit enter.
Fine tuning PTS Shift Kit

I've been out fine tuning my trannie shift points. This kit is just great! Never had this much power getting to the ground.
ANYONE else install this kit,,

I just ordered the kit and the regulator system,never even took a tranny pan off ,so we will see hiow easy the install ,,

Anymore pointers guys:cool: :cool:
shift kits

Im a little to late i just ordered the art carr.Hope i wont be dissapointed.What parts do i leave out of the system
If you just bought it , they have changed it now and you should be fine. (AC of Ca)
Just follow to the letter and be CLEAN!!
CLEAN is the key:D
I saw the order there, but yes call on Tues. I Like that shopping cart program as it is easy to use but I prefer to talk to EVERY customer personally. And I do not trust internet credit cards. I would feel terrible if anything was ever hacked or stolen so I do that buisness on phone with everyone personally.
Thanks again...... BT :D
I put the shift kit in a week or two ago. Pretty easy to put in. Had some problems with the TV boost valve, but I always do. :D Before the tranny had a tendency to shift too early but now it holds the gears longer. The only thing I kinda dislike is I have to get up to about 55 to hit OD. Besides that, I love it.
Take a teeny weeny little bit more OUT of tv. Bet it gets better.
would the combination of the valve body shift kit, plus new pressure regulator, be considered too "harsh" for a car that is 95% street use?

Many years ago ago I put a shift kit onto a TurboHydramatic 400, and I remember the panic when all the little check balls and springs & things fell out!

Should I expect a similar situation installing the PTS shift kit ??
Is it straightforward to do the work if the car is only on jackstands ? (15"-18" raised).
Thanks for the tip Bruce, I'll try that out if I ever get the thing back together ;) .
Harshness depends on what you like. Me, I don't really mind the harder shifts, but everybody's different. The kit is fairly easy to do with the car on jackstands. Thats the way I did it and it took me about 5-6 hours to do it taking my time and having to install the TV boost valve twice and put the transmission pan on twice.
Hey Bruce, will your new shift kit and tv pressure regulator work on my GN? I was told by the previous owner that it has an ac shift kit and ac 3000 non LU converter. What if he drilled the vb to install the non lu shift kit? Would your kit and regulator still work?? Its starting to not be as crisp on the 1-2 shift at part throttle as it used to be.. The tv is adjusted pretty far out too. The 2-3 shift is very nice tho. Should I give ya a call maybe tomarrrow??

Will work beautifully.

Yes, gimme call when you can....:)