help troubleshoot ck performance shift kit


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Nov 17, 2003
I had my mechanic install the ck performanc shift kit. A.J. owns a performance and pcm calibration shop and retired as the head tech for the local GM dealership. So he is very knowledgeable but can't say he's a 200R4 expert or turbo buick expert.

He install the kit per the instructions. When he completed the work, he said it shifted well and very firm as I would expect. But when drove it, the shifts were very soft. So soft it was hard to tell when it shifted gears. And from a standing start at full throttle it will not shift out of first. He drove it and confirmed it's not shifting firm like it did when he drove it.
So he has it back in his shop.

Any ideas from you guys what is the likely problem?
Bingo. That was it. Apparently it was somewhat correct when he first drove it. But then got loose when I drove it. I guess when I pushed the pedal all the way down it slipped in the adjustment bracket but not sure how that could happen unless the latch wasn't released all the way. We will confirm it stays adjusted under full throttle this time.

found out the throttle was not opening to full throttle when the gas pedal was all the way down and the TV plunger was not going all the way in. That has been corrected the shifter are good not ( and more power at WOT). However it still will not shift out of first at full or heavy throttle.

It did shift out of first before the CK Performance shift kit. The instructions with the CKP kit says if you have this issue to call Chris. But he is out sick until further notice. (best wished to him).

Anyone know what he likely would suggest?