bubbles on coolant

well.. i was doing my yearly coolant flush, drain and started adding water very slowly with the engine running.

after filling it up and before adding the rmi25, bubbles.... a lot of bubbles.

continue to add water, rev it a little and the level went down a bit. still a lot of bubbles.

strange that there is no white smoke or water dripping.

air or steam pockets in the system?

waiting for the car to cool down
If there were no bubbles before you're probably just burping out air. Heat cycle the engine a few times and it should push all the air into the reservoir.
wierd thing is that there is no white smoke on the exhaust, no missing coolant, car runs perfectly.

is like something is blowing air into the system but coolant is not going anywhere.
If you have a headgasket that's weeping compression into the cooling system, it's possible that the cooling system doesn't have enough pressure to force it back in at rest.

Damn that's a lot of prepositions.

Now if it's compromised enough to go back in, you'll lose coolant rapidly and it's possible to hydrolock the engine while it's shut down.
i will try pressuring the coolant system and remove the plugs.
i have a camera that i can sneak into the chamber and see.

happy new year and thanks for the advice.
went to the dyno today...
after 12 passes at 350hp and 400 torque will aborted.
fuel pump was not at its best.
was bubbling at first then it stopped.
so, air trapped or heat expansion sealed the air gap.
keep in mind that the level on the tank and radiator NEVER drops or changes.

will be ordering SS headgaskets just tot have them.

could it be a cracked head?
well, i have mayonaise...
checked the coolant this morning and level was low
checked the oil level and it was high.
now to check intake mani and order an rjc gasket.
When you take it apart, let us know what was the cause.
felpro headgasket failure on cyl #2.
bearings and pistons are A-ok.
now..will like to fresh up rings and bearings.
what do you guys recommend?
engine was bored @30.
bearings are .10
pistons are trw( apparently stock) stock rods with arp hardware on rods, caps and head.