Buick 181 NA build/turbo ideas

I've only found nebulous references to a Series 2 VP Commodore intake having been aluminum, or similar, and a build thread with both the plastic upper and the guy who's got a VP v6 build with what appears to be a very SFI-based intake plenum...

http://holmart.com.au/online/prod1646.htm if the Series 2 and 3 Holden 3.8s are compatible with our North American Buick 6s.......then this would be one example of intake manifold available...other was Walker Products, looks very much like the Olds diesel prototype H.O. intake manifold that was designed for the Olds Diesel engine in the A-cars..

well heres another link, a 3 pc intake manifold for the Holden V6; not sure if it;ll bolt up or how expensive itd be to ship from Australia

All of the Holden ECOTEC V6's are EFI.

right; to my knowledge, there is NO carburetor manifold for the Series 2 or ECOTEC v6s; only EFI manifolds...now, the idea was that if one could get a full metal intake for the Series 2 v6; that would be better than the plastic intake that comes stock with it? that was what i was thinking for the Series 2 heads; for my build though, stock iron heads with lots of porting done to it and a Q-jet manifold or Holley manifold on a LG3 block which would help with the power in question and is easier to acquire than the stuff for the 3.0 v6s
Well.....maybe. Since the Series II engine is amost exactly the same as a Stage II a carb intake should fit the RWD block with Series II heads on it, which would be an off center Stage II.
so you are saying... 3.8 block, Series 2 heads, stage 2 intake manifold, and presto, a carbed stage 2/series 2 demon spawn?
The problem I've had is proving it. The Series II intake gasket and the Stage II intake gasket look almost identical. Finding a Stage II off center intake has been difficult to say the least. If I can ge my hands on one then I can prove it will work.
ive been seeing Smokey Yunick stage 2 or similar intake once in a while on Ebay, another looks like its been modified for a BDS system or something; seems like this guy is selling stage 2 intkane manifolds with modified carb mounting bases for something else.....*shrugs* on evilbay...tho ive never gotten the chance to remember which shop was it.
It would be nice Aj. I know we've talked about doing this before but I'd love to prove it'll work, once and for all.