Buick CLubs/ get togethers hang outs???


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I live about 10-15 minutes from palmdale. Anybody go to the track there? There's like never any buick guys there.
Where does everybody go??
I've been out of the buick thing for about 3 years and just want to get back into it.
I just bought this car a month ago.

c'mon you guys give him a hug ! Whats wrong with you'se anyway! Congratulations on your Buick purchase. Regards Lou
Congratulations on your purchase & welcome.
Getting Buick people to get together is like asking people to give you money. It would be easier to collect the money.
For better or worse I'll take a shot at this one. No doubt about it, the turbo Buick group here in So Cal is nowhere near as tight as in other areas of the country. It usually seems that proposed TR get-togethers wind up as a dead end. The L.A. area is a big place. Trying to get people over a 75 or 100 mile radius to get together isn't the easiest thing to do. Add to that the fact that the traffic sucks, and no one wants to drive. Everyone down here in the south bay or Orange County areas want the get together to be down this way. Those north of L.A. or in the high desert want a get-together farther up north. As far as Palmdale goes, it's just too far for most of us to drive. Not to mention the track isn't the greatest. Forget Palmdale, hell I can't even make it out to Irwindale on Thursdays since by the time I get off of work the traffic has started and it would be a 2 hour drive. The one TR get-together that was a success was the all GM show up in the Valley last spring/summer? That was a lot of fun with a lot more TR participation than I would have thought. I will for sure be there again next year. It's a shame that just about the time I got my car modded and running right the street legal drags at Pomona went away. The L.A. area is dying for a good 1/4 mile track, but I wouldn't hold my breath for that to happen anytime soon!
I have no problem driving to orange county, riverside county as long as it's on a weekend. I am really dissapointed in the turbo community out here.

I ran into a guy out here with a buick in santa clarita, He acted like I wanted to steal his car. Just rying to say what's up to a fellow buick owner.

I just ordered My 18x10 Rear, 18x8 Front Torque Thrust 2's
Should have the GNX flares soon, Received the Vents sat.
Also going to talk to fiber images about a carbon fiber hood monday. ANybody interested in a Hood Let me know We can buy a few and get a better price.
Well, I would definitely be interested in having/attending a Buick get together anytime in the near future, (weekends only, of course)
By far the main event of the year is the Vegas race. A lot people show for this event where as very few seem to be interested in any other event. Most of the guys do post when they are going to try to make it to the strip and a few of us do meet up that way. Its my week for the Drag Strip if all goes well at the dyno on friday then saturday we will be trying out the new stage 2 combo at either Carlsbad or Barona.I have not decided which strip it will be yet but if anyone is interested in coming out I will post which strip its going to be at the end of the week. In the mean time WELCOME TO THE BUICK WORLD.

I think your right it was my son's car I heard that the person he sold it to had resold it. If we can answer any questions about it or help you in any way just drop us a line or give us a call.

Get together

Hey Guys, Have you guy forgot about the BGNRA we have put on race events which no one attended and the car show was a great success we will be having a General Meeting in Jan. or Feb of 2004 Check the club web site for more details at http://www.bgnra.org would like to see more of you guy join the club. Also this weekend on Sat. Nov 22 there will be a car show put on by the GSCA chapter of O.C. check there web site at wwwgsca.socal.com

See ya later, Steve Hurst,President-BGNRA
What up neighbor......
Agua Dulce here, been to LACR a couple times, only saw a GN there once though. Drop me a line if you hear of an upcoming TR event there and I'll do the same, I missed the one last month. I was able to get a few to the Van Nuys GM show last June, and look forward to the next, it was a good time, and hopefully more will BRING THEIR CARS NEXT TIME!! (hint hint). Like Trbon8r said, its hard getting everyone together, I sure tried.
I will be there, don't know about my turbo-t, and do not know about Ben and his GN.

See everybody there
Smokin6 What's up I used to live in Saugus.
Le t me know If you hear of any events and we can shoot down there. Of car my car is not up to par just yet, but it will be hopefully painted and new interior by febuary.
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Originally posted by turbolou
c'mon you guys give him a hug ! Whats wrong with you'se anyway! Congratulations on your Buick purchase. Regards Lou
Damn!this post has really come alive.I'm humbled to be in such
prestigious company. Pass the geritol please LOL
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"Anyone planning on taking their TRs to Westminster this Saturday??"

Don't know about anybody else, TRBON8R "Ben Mooneyhan" is planning on bring his '87 GN and I am planning on bringing my '87 Turbo-T. Last year was a very good time witn about 15-20 or so Buicks, with most being TR'S
See everybody there
Well hopefully Ill make it then. With the GS club hosting I thought it might be the older Buicks as opposed to last year when the TRs had a big turnout. Just thought Id ask, it'd be along way to go for a no show on the GNs!:eek:

Ignofdoom... check out Wells link for more info & let me know if your going.