Buick meet @ Mooresville Dragway March 21


Get this guy a GN!
May 25, 2001
Hey guys, the Carolinas Chapter GSCA is hosting a 1st annual "Buick Day" at Mooresville Dragway on March 21st, from 3pm till ???. We are looking to have a car show, test & tune, and an all-Buick gamblers race.

As this is in conjunction with the "Midnight Madness" program that Mooresville has scheduled, I'm pretty sure we should be able to make all the passes that you want, and then some.

More details to follow....
If I ever get this damn GN running right, I'll be there. We're just a few miles up the road from the track.
So you did make the move...


Yep, moved down last August to work on a cup team... and got laid off a month ago. I was working for DEI/Ganassi. We lost a couple hundred guys between our two teams. Times are tough in/around Mooresville if you work/worked on a team. I'm still looking for another deal, but with 1000+ team members out of work, the odds are not good. I may end up back in PA eventually. At least in the meantime I can collect UC until something turns up.
How far is Mooresville from Fayetteville?? Im still new to the area and dont know where alot of stuff is.
hopefully its still a go i'm going to post it up on another nc site...carolinarides
Well, I'm back in Mooresville as of this afternoon... and brought my Black buggy with me.

Sofar she seems to been running OK. Might take her to the dragstrip Thursday night for test n tune, weather permitting.