USAF retired
Jul 17, 2005
first time since 1999 i haven't had a turbo buick. made a tough decision and sold the 87 today to help cover some medical bills have a little left do spruce up the TTA, my garage seems empty now but it went to s good home and i still got the pontiac.
Sorry that circumstances put you there...

FWIW, here in MAGNA territory, a TTA still "counts" as a Buick :cool:

Sorry to hear about you being forced to sell the '87. I figure if you still have the Turbo TA you're a Turbo Buick guy. :D


Sorry to hear that the Buick had to go. Hope you're doing well. It was great to see that TA at my open house.
Hope you're doing well. Don't forget. That Trans AM is the best Pontiac Buick ever made... ;)

Whether you like it or not, You're still family. :D
It's kinda like being in the Mob. Once you're in, you can never get out.

Neal tried once.:eek: