Building a 2004R...?


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Aug 24, 2003
Hey guys,
this site seems to be the source for 2004R trannys, so i came here. (BTW i have a stock 87 SS with a CQ trans,
Got a tranny rebuilt, etcc.. BUT it turns out the lock up wasnt working, so i probabaly hurt my tranny. I then installed a toggle switch, and it works with the switch on, but I forgot to disegnage sometimes;
This tranny definitely needs some work, and i hope to mod while its done, and prob. a lock up switch separate from the ECM.
Think I could rebuild it myself? I am in the process of tearing down a TH350 c, so i have a basic idea of what is in there. OR
Anyone know a good 2004R/tranny place in the midwest? im in Nebraska; Looking for the tranny to stand 400 HP and 500 TQ, so that it can easily handle whatever engine i decide to go with.
Any help is appreciated.
If my I remember right there are a couple of GN guys from the Omaha area etc that have had thier trans freshened up by a guy name Barnes I think.

If you are near Omaha see if you can find them in the phone book and give them a hollar.