Bulletproof TH200-R4 with Transbrake and Vigilante five disk lockup converter

cru ss n

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Nov 22, 2005
This Transmission was built by Lonnie Diers of Extreme Automatics. It includes the remaining 6 months of his 1 year warranty. He gaurantees these to 850 rear wheel horsepower and 9.99 quarter mile times, this one went 9.70s.
I just had Lonnie put all new clutches in it and freshened it up.
The converter is a top of the line Precision Industries Vigilante five disk with about 500 miles on it, it is being freshened up and being made to fit a buick as I had it behid an LS1.
The converter can be made to any stall specified by the buyer since it is at Precision now.
The tranny also has the Electric pro release Transbrake a 500 dollar option.
This transmission feels great! It can be shifted manually or automatically.
It has all billet internals.
It drives great on the street, and shifts firm at the track. You can shift into overdrive at WOT as well.
I'm getting rid of it because I'm going to a TH400
I'm willing to let go of it for 3500 dollars obo, NO CORE NEEDED!
will ship or meet halfway as long as its not too far away from ohio
please feel free to contact me at 937-238-2688 or Lonnie from Extreme Automatics at 513-545-3072
Thanks, Brian