Bully gets what he deserves

Wrong forum but that little fvck is lucky he didnt get his neck broke. That kid could have kicked him as hard as he wanted after he slammed his ass. His face got fvcked up and he probably has a broken leg. Little fvcker got what he deserved no doubt. You have to be a complete idiot to even think about messing with someone these days. You never know what your going to get.
BOTH kids got suspended and the could face criminal charges. It is in Austrailia. The big kid is named Casey and has been harassed all his time in High school. (Grade7 is high school in Aussie land) That's what happens when you "think" the big guy is just a wuss. The education given there was priceless. Now the scrappy lil kid will think twice before getting into some one face. Best part is.......Casey just stopped another punk with Napolean syndrome from becoming a manager at McDonalds an threatening junior employees all day long.:biggrin: The punk did get his ankle broke and his ego and pride need a SERIOUS reconstruction.
This was just on CNN, caught the tale end of Host saying the big kid shouldn't be punished. I couldn't agree more. :biggrin:
I got picked on in 9th grade for a while and I finally had enough and kind of did the same thing. Stopped this guy hard. Broke my hand on him but made him permanently deaf in his right ear. Knocked out 3 teeth and broke his big brother's arm when he jumped in. Principal knew what happened and that next Monday when he saw me with a cast on, knew who it was finally. Didn't get expelled at least, because he had heard the stories from the other kids. My dad had always told me to walk away. I always tried this and this kid was bound and determined to fight. My dad is a 3rd degree brown ex Marine and always showed me how to defend myself. Never to be the aggressor or he would kick my butt.