bumper filler squeak


My wife drove the GN to pick up the girls from school yesterday and I noticed one of the front marker bulbs is out.... lol glad I noticed that one, but as she drove past me to the garage across the lawn I heard a squeaking noise that I traced to the new fiberglass bumper fillers on the rear I guess vibrating or something against the bumper. What I am wondering is it will go away with time ( wear in ) or am I supposed to have to trim some off.... I put the bumper back on the alignment marks from when they were off to replace the fillers...
I think I am all the way up too...
I just put on some fiberglass ones over the summer and noticed the same thing. It was driving me absolutely up a wall!! I noticed they were hitting in the lower outside corners against the bumper. I just put some double sided tape in between (cant see it anyway unless your under the car and looking for it) the filler and bumper and the noise is gone for good. Seemed like a better option to me that taking the bumper back of and trimming them. Figured if I ever take the bumper off again I can trim them.