Burglarized ... lots of diecasts missing


May 24, 2001
Fort Collins, CO
Somebody broke into my shop and office.

They stole my ORIGINAL motor from the Grand National that was on a stand ready to go back into the car. Dirt bags used my cherry picker to lift it into their truck. Stole computers, my collectable diecast cars that were on display (some of them dating back to 1988).

I have pictures and boxes for almost all of the stuff and it's pretty oddball (I mean who steals BUICK parts!?). My theory is that some Jeep rock crawler wanted a GN motor (popular around here). It's gotta be someone who cased the joint too.

They also broke into our Jayco camper and ripped out the stereo/TV, stole the wireless weather station and everything was rummaged through. Still finding odd things missing.

Weird thing, they didn't take any tools that I can see ... kind of a smash and grab type of thing. Took some MK speakers I had in the office (I really liked those), but left the UPS, but took the friggin' $30 router! They also swiped the wireless console to my weather station ... which won't work without the sensors on the pole out in my back yard!

It happened at exactly 12:06 (when the shop router disconnected, my weather station can't send records to weather underground, so I know when it quit). Dogs never barked (we are out in the country a little on a 3 acre lot) and they always bark when someone pulls in the driveway. I'm thinking they may have gotten scared off by someone driving by or something.

Good news though ... the Larimer county sheriff 's office has taken it seriously ... crime scene forensic guy took tire tracks, DNA from doorknobs and the engine stand and cherry picker. I found a crumpled up receipt that must've fell out of one of the dirt bag's pockets for cashing a check at Wal-Mart (dur dur de dur) ... they pulled video at WalMart, traced the check and ID to a "frequent flyer" thief that lives on the North side of town.

My neighbor across the way is an ex Capt. in the CHP, so he and I played junior detective all day ...

I'm so pissed and wished/woulda/coulda that I'd heard something or saw something.

Everybody look out ... world is full of scum.


My engine was recovered! They busted this guy that had it and I had to go pick it up, take to the county evidence shed so it could warm up. The next day they took fingerprints/DNA off it before I could take it home. It's all tucked in safe and sound back in the shop. The oil pan has some dents, the header collectors might need to be worked on a bit (some scrapes and dents) and they lost a couple of my expensive SS aircraft V-Band clamps. But at least I have it and the guy is back in jail while they continue to look for the other accomplice(s).

Here's a list of my diecasts that are missing ... I'd love to find the other guy(s) and recover my stuff. Any help is appreciated!

1970 Boss Mustang
1983 GMP Buick Race Car "Tweaked"
1984 GMP Buick T-Type
1985 Buick Grand National
1986 Buick T-Type
1986 Buick T-Type
1986 Buick Grand National
1987 Buick Grand National FIRST RUN
1987 Buick GNX "Project Xray"
1987 Buick GNX
1987 Buick T-Type
2005 Pontiac GTO
2006 Pontiac GTO
2005 Pontiac GTO
2007 Warren Johnson GTO ProStock
2004 Cadillac CTS-V Race Car
Scale Model Grand National tool set
1995 Warren Johnson Oldsmobile ProStock
2007 Warren Johnson SIGNED 1:43 scale
Joe Amato Top Fuel Dragster
Scale model Lift with tools
McLaren M8A Race car
1998 Warren Johnson Firebird Prostock
2005 Warren Johnson Grand Am Prostock
1970 Buick GSX
1970 Buick GSX
1972 Buick GSX

The above are irreplaceable to me ... they mean a lot to me since many were gifts and I've had many for almost 20 years.

I figure with the theft of these, plus all the computers, electronics, laptops, tools, software, etc. I'm looking at maybe a $35,000 loss. I can replace the electronics and such, but the diecast stuff is special. I'd really appreciate it if everyone keeps their "internet detective" badges handy?

Lemme know IMMEDIATELY if anyone runs across anything? THANKS!


May 28, 2001
Sorry to hear about this Ken, I will keep an eye out for the list of stolen properties you listed.
I'll also Sticky this for all to see.... plz keep us updated on any recoveries.


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Oct 29, 2004
Burke and Colonial Beach Virginia
Fukin thieves..I got robbed by an employee years ago. The good part was when they took him out of the courtroom through that door that is one way. Also, I let him know that I was looking forward to seeing him after he was released;) Never did anything to him, but the suspence kept him thinking.


May 24, 2001
Fort Collins, CO
Another update

Thanks folks for the support!

The burglar(s) chickened out (probably because the police were hot on their not so well concealed trail!).

They dumped a bunch of my stuff in garbage bags at the end of my driveway. After the evidence techs got done with it, they arrested the second guy ... turns out it was the adult son of one of my neighbors that has moved out of the neighborhood and put his house up for sale. Dad was a decent guy, but obviously the kid needs some realignment of life goals! :D It actually makes me feel better knowing this ... the kid had been in my shop a few times because it was where we held our HOA meetings (only place big enough for the people to get together).

Bad news is that most of the stuff was pretty ruined ... the diecasts are trashed, except for a few that were in boxes ... dumb asses pried the wheels of most of them (and busted them up), mirrors sheered off, interior pieces pried out, windshields busted, etc. I don't know what the heck they thought they were doing, but it trashed a lot of them.

The TV, laptop, DVD players, etc. were all ruined by the rough handling and I'm still missing some of the stuff .. mainly stuff that looked like power supplies and cords ... which turns out includes my HP Tuners module, scan tool cables, etc. Big $$$!. I'm sure it just looked like misc. junk, but ruins several systems/pieces because important chunks are missing.

They did more damage to the shelves and stuff in my camping trailer to tear out the TV and home theater. Fact is, they broke the bathroom door which cost more than anything else! Almost $500 for the door (custom size and is made to order for Jayco) ... dumbasses (can't say that enough). $1600 loss there, but insurance is replacing everything with just my $250 deductible.

Anyway, I'm thinking about sitting in the back of the courtroom this Thursday, as I notice one of the idiots has their preliminary hearing.

In the end, it was a significant loss (>$10K) and I'm just beginning the insurance process. So far, they've been very good, but we haven't got far enough into the process to see where this will end up. I'm hoping they work with me on the deductible too.