Burnt Holes In Pistons??

Hi, I have a 86 GN and cylinders 1 & 3 aren't firing. Confirmed I have spark, fuel injectors acting funky on these 2 cylinders. Havn't dug further with injectors since I discovered cylinders 1 & 3 have 30psi confirmed with compression tester. This then made me send my inspection camera into these 2 cylinders and I found the indentations / holes? in the pistons. I attached a small video I made with inspection camera....clearly shows something but, I'm not sure if these are holes or not? Suspicious to say the least? Thanks in advance....gene



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That's nothing
I've cracked 4 out of 6 cylinders on the stock pistons with 0 on the compression test
Took the heads off
4 or of 6 had the eye😉🤣
Those drill marks are on all stock 86-87 pistons. They will be toward the front side of each piston.

Run a leakdown test. It will tell you WHERE the pressure is escaping the cylinder.

I'm betting on Head Gaskets not rings. That can be fixed w/o pulling the engine as long as you don't have head studs.