Buying a used car from private seller on the weekend, need help.


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May 24, 2001
I may be buying a used car tomorrow, which is a saturday. What is the best way to do this type of transaction. I'll probably have to swap plates from one of my other cars since the car is a couple of hours away. Do I get a bank certified check? How does this work? What about transferring the title? Does he just sign the back of the title?
Don't swap plates. If you do you're likely to end up in a lot more trouble than driving with no plates at all. You need to go to the Tax Collectors office and buy a temp tag before your trip since you're going on the weekend.

Ask the buyer what he prefers. Most people will take a certified bank check, but I've bought cars that the seller only wanted cash or a wire transfer.

Yes, he just signs the title over to you...
Wish there wasn't taxes on car sales!! I'll pay the taxes when I register the car, correct?
I think James meant tag&title. Taxes?Taxes? We dont pay no stikin taxes! God I love FL just for that reason. To bad they cant do something with the real estate.

I use the forms you can print from this site. Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles
There might be some tips there as well.

Excuse me, but what do you mean you do not pay taxes? What do you call sales tax on the purchase of the car?

Yes, in the State of Florida, you go to the Tax Collectors office which is where you do the paperwork for transfer of title, pay your sales tax, file paperwork and receive your registration, and new plates or transfer existing plates to the new car.

Tax collectors offices are not open on Saturdays, but I am pretty sure there are private agencies that are open in Saturdays.

As far as selling a car, I would never accept a cashiers check or certified check and immediately release the title. That check would have to clear my bank before I would release the title.

If someone wanted to bring cash, I would buy one of those markers that identify phony money. They can be bought at any office supply store. For a couple of bucks, you get a little bit of security.

See this link for a list of offices in Broward County:
Broward County - Revenue Collection Division