Caddy ATS-V


It's my Granny's car!
I am really digging this car. 12.1 stone stock and modded are in the 10's. I was trying to talk my wife into a C7 but I am seriously rethinking and leaning Caddy:)
I think the ATS V is a BMW killer. When I stop driving 160 miles a day to and from work I will go get one.
My son has a regular ATS and hates the lack of trunk space , has trouble fitting his golf clubs in there . That being said , he loves the look of the ATS V sport edition in carbon fiber !
We have a CTS VSport, essentially the same engine as the ATSV in a bigger, heavier chassis. The ATS was too small for us, or we'd have one. The color choices in the ATS were 20iah compared to the CTS with maybe 6 if that makes a difference...