Cam sensor cap dead or is it just me?


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Apr 22, 2007
So, I purchased Casper's cam sensor cap because I knew my timing was off. I installed it and with no problems and it worked great. Four months later and maybe a half dozen times of actually driving the car, I get a check engine light indicating a cam sensor problem. The car starts and runs but the red LED on the sensor that is supposed to be blinking does not blink. I put the original cap back on and the check engine light goes off, car runs as it should.

Has anyone else run across this problem? The Caspers company and products have been nothing but fantastic, so I'm thinking I may be doing something wrong or something came loose.

I did a wiggle test on the harness, but no luck.

Since I never had a problem with any of their products before, does anyone know about their product warranty? Though this has been installed on my car for four months, I don't drive the car and its total actual on time is probably 2 hours. I'm really hard pressed to think it would fail after 2 hours.



I had the same thing happen. Capsers took care of me no questions asked, great service!
I put a "refurbished" one purchased directly from Casper's and and car idled for about 15 minutes. Then it started throwing a Code 41 and going into batch fire mode. Put stock one back on and left it that way. No problems since. Casper's sent me a "new" one but I'm not sure I even want to bother with it. It's sitting right here in front of me on the desk.