cam sensor cap


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
I think my problem is the cam sensor cap does any one know were i can get a new one , i dont need the hole cam sensor i tryed to get the cap from the parts store but they sell the hole cam sensor for 120.00 thats a lot of money.

thanks guys
ok i looked it up for ya.

postons has it 1-800-635-9781

part# T22008 its $59.88 in my catolog

they also have the complete cam sensor with the housing for $119

let me know if you want me to send you mine to make sure thats the problem before you spend more $ but it sounds like that it is shorted.

oh yea hurry up every chance you get....:D
If you could send it that would be alsome, if you have the money to ship it just let me know what shiping is and i'll send it right away. I just dont want to spend that kind of money and it not be the problem . Plus i have to get it running for the import race.

thanks alot buddy, kevin
wasting $

Kevin I told you the last time you e-mailed me stop up yank what you think is bad & install it.Get it running & you can buy the part you need from me or buy a new 1.Stop going out & buying things you don't need.Troubleshoot the problem & save yourself some cash,I don't think I can do more for you then that,Thank's Brian
Ok red i'll had off on the cam sensor and drive to brains house i think i spelled that right. I'll let you know how it go's.
Field day

Reds you are cordially invited to field day:D Let me know when you want to stop up,Thank's Brian
one of these days i'll make it up there to Kevan's house then i guess we could ride out there since i have no idea were anything is above budds creek.

if i ever get this car running i'll need to get a few miles on it and im sure Kevan will wanna ride in it..:)

im thinking the car should be a wole new animal going from a 13:0's hotair to a big i/c'ed 51 turbo'd car...cant hardly wait...

I am ready to ride in it , but then i might not like my car any more.

my poor turd it's never going to run
Red I guess you'll be towing kevins car up here the way it sounds,now that's hot air abuse:D Brian
no i'll just have to put all my hot air stuff in my trunk and let him put it in his turd....:D

so did you'll get the sensor stuff strait or what ?

i just compaired my hot air crossover pipe with the i/c crossover since they will interchange verdict is hot air one sucks if you still have the stock one find you one off an i/c car or an atr

mine had double walled pipe and on the outside it looks to be same size as the i/c one but heii no not on the inside.

im starting to wonder how my hot air motor ran that good.:confused:
I am going to try to get up there today to get the sensor and fix the turd. Yea i still have the stock pipe and headers , but i do have the s.s atr up and down pipes so it looks ok. probley going to get fired for missing all these days from work to fix this car.

see yea at the import race:D

Kevin I have a ss atr cross over laying around also.I e-mailed you my # again 443 506-6698,Thamk's Brian