Camshaft selection



i have been researching cams and have found a selection. i wonder if anyone knows which is best...
lunati makes one that's like 211/201
most are 204/214, like are commonly used in olds n/a morots.
i think i also saw a 208/208. any ideas on what the hot air turbos prefer would be great
i hope you dont mind me joining in on your question, but i also was wondering about cams. i have found the comp 252H (1000-4800 rpm) and the 260H (1500-5400 rpm) and also the crane powermax H264-2 and H280-2. just wanting some insight on which would be the best choice for an almost stock 3.8 turbo/th350 combo (2000 stall, stock rear gears :rolleyes: ) 2800 stall and 342 or 373 gears to come soon.

I will input my 2 cents here.

Lunati had a problem a few years back where the #3 exhaust lube would get wiped out. There where several post about this on the "GNTTYPE" web site/ list. They may have fixed this problem because I have not seen any post recently.

I my self like Comp Cams . Call them or check out there web site. tell what you have and what you want to do .

Be sure to get the macthing lifters !!!!!!!!!

Other wise it will sound like a mechancal lifter's even after the break in. (talking from personal experience). I am using comp cam H252 , 206 duration on both sides. :)

REMEMBER IF THIS IS GOING IN STREET MACHINE , don't go wild with lift and duration. You have to drive it on the street.
You may want to also look into Kenne-Bell. Call them at 909-941-6646 and ask for a Buick catalog. (Just a suggestion, not an endorsement ;) )