Can a stock D5 converter be restalled to 3200 rpms?


Boost is good.
Jul 14, 2001
Just as the subject says...was wondering if you can take a D5 converter and have it restalled to 3200 rpms...probably not but thought I would ask...reason I ask is because I am trying to find the cheapest converter to match up to my PT61 turbo which requires a 3200 stall...or would it be cheaper just buying a orange stripe converter stalled at 3200? the key word here is CHEAP:D
Don, I've been reading your posts. Maybe you should consider keeping your stock pistons and use that money saved towards a good 9" real AC converter. Porting the heads would help the car also while you are changing the head gaskets. That's my advice for a simple solution to get the most out of the car without spending the bank.
Don - don't skimp on the convertor man. A good high quality TC is worth the price tag. I love my 9/11 LU

so just spend the dough ($800) and get the PTS billet 9/11? i thought a converter was just a converter :) shows how much i know!