Can I bore you with a story about a kid and a toy car?


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Well i figured I would post this little story about me, my 2 year old son Noah, and this old Buick toy!

To start, I have a great gramma that is straight from England, she's my Nan. I have always called her Nan and really dont even know why I call her that but it must be an English thing. I grew up in a split family, never knew my parents as a couple since they divorced when i was 2 months old, my mom was 16 and my dad was 18 when i was born. I saw my dad every other weekend which really killed me as a kid. He lived 30 minutes from my mom and had to drive past my moms house everyday on his way to work. I sat there and waited for him to drive by every morning before I went to school so I could wave at him as he drove by and also waited for him on his way hom. I never really understood why I couldnt be with my dad daily until I got older.

On the weekends I could see him, we would always go by my Nans house to say hi. She would greet us everytime with "Would you like a cup of tea love?" As a kid I always thought she was a little weird cause she talked funny and drank some sort of "adult beverage" out of her cabinet when I would see her. I think she drank Scotch or some sort of it and she still does at the age of 97. She always took us to her "club" which was basically an FOE or whatever you would call it. We visited her golf course and I always wanted to go for a ride in her golf cart. Of course she took me everytime!

As I got older I started to figure out what was going on. Basically, her husband passed away and she enjoyed her time with her friends golfing and hanging out at the FOE.

When we didnt go to the club or the golf course, my dad and I would sit in her tiny house and my dad would talk with her. One day, my Nan took me to the grocery store with her. I remember it like it was yesturday and I was probably 3, 4, or maybe 5 years old. I remember walking in with her, the store was on the East side of Locust St. in Sterling, IL. I walked in saw this race car that I had to have but i didnt have the guts to ask her to buy it for me. Well, once we got back I told my dad about it and Nan and my dad took me back to get it.

I remember playing with this toy everytime I went to Nan's cause I had to leave it there since she paid for it. I looked forward to going to Nan's just so I could play with it. There was a little piece of trim between her Kitchen and her living room that I used to ramp it on and i just loved it! I used to put it behind her Scotch bottle in her liquor cabinet because I knew she would get it out for me everyitme I was there becuase she would always poor herself a drink! Kid mentality!!!

Well, I got older, moved farther away from Nan and didnt get get to see her very much. I visited when i could and now she's 97 years old and still lives in the same house. I have my boy 2 year old Noah and life is just hectic.

This past Christmas, my dad wanted to go see Nan so my 3 little brothers, myself, Noah, and my dad went to see her. She doesnt get around very well and it's not exactly a fun place to be for kids. I was sitting next to my brother Brandon in front of the liquor cabinet and my boy was getting a little cranky and bored. I was stressing out becuase I didnt bring him anyting to keep busy.

My Nan asked us if we;d like a cup of tea and of course i said SURE! We drank our tea and got Noah some Ginger Ale. Then my Nan asked if my dad would like a Scotch! I said, I'll get it for you Nan! Low and behold, I grabbed the Scotch out of the cabinet and guess what was sitting there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This early 80's Buick Regal Nascar toy right behind the Scotch!!!!!! I was floored and couldnt beilieve it!!!!!!!! I handed it to Noah and he played with it for a couple hours pushing it to my little brothers and then jumping it off the little piece of trim between the kitchen and the living room!

Needless to say, it came home with me and has been sitting on my mantle ever since! It was such an amazing feeling to look at my boy pushing this toy around and realizing that I did the same 25 years ago. It sat in the same place for 25 years and now it saved the night and my son was pushing it across the floor! And it was a Regal!!!!!!!!!!! Man I look at this thing sitting here all the time and thank god for the blessings he has brought me in my life. life is such a beuatiful thing and little thing mean more than words could ever descibe!:biggrin:

We often get caught up in petty things in this world and sometimes god just puts things out there that make you realize what life is all about. My Nan is still kicking and lives on her own with her 20 year old cat.

All I can say is no matter what, life is amazing!


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Awesome story man! I can surely relate, but I'd rather not share my similar story just to keep your's as the sole focal point here. Kids are truly a blessing and it's sure nice to hear of your appreciation of that and it's relation to your own experiences at that point in life!

Love it!

My little man just turned 3 and tells me everyday that I'm his Best friend.

His name is ...............Noah. :cool:
Awesome story man! I can surely relate, but I'd rather not share my similar story just to keep your's as the sole focal point here. Kids are truly a blessing and it's sure nice to hear of your appreciation of that and it's relation to your own experiences at that point in life!


I dont mind! I'd love to hear it if you have the time!!
Good story. Kids grow up sooo fast. Before long they will be driving than moving out and starting their own family. Cherish the time now as it goes FAST.
Our daughter was always told that before a boy could take her out on a date, he would have to know the difference between a GN and a Monto Carlo.;)
Very nice and touching Jeremy. It's shame that now day we don't even have time to think back at the old days and reminisce. Reading your story sure made me think back of my child hood. Some of it is bitter sweet!!

Thanks man, we all needed to hear something like that for a change.