Can I Do It Myself....


Feb 25, 2002
Well, heres the question
Ive rebuilt several motors in the past...and im pretty handy with cars... however ive never rebuilt a transmission....i posted about a week ago that im having problems with my 87 gn transmission....and im tired of worrying about it.. i think im just going to buy a "how to book" and try and do it myself... ive had the car about 2 years and i dont know much about whats been done to it other that the obvious... just about all the easy mods have been done to it...."motor wise"...however i dont know anything about the transmission... it had always shifted firm and consistant till about a week ago... let me know what you think about doing it myself......i live in the st louis area. and i have had really bad luck with the last transmission i had professionally rebuilt... to make a long story short... i pulled one from a junk yard car and it worked better than the rebuilt one.... : )
I think its good idea. Be prepared to spend some bucks on tools. I have about a $800 in tools, still need to buy more. I read an article on how to rebuild a 2004R, before I actually rebuilt my first 2004r and the guy uses a few home made tools that I just could not get to work. You are going to need a clutch spring compressor and a center support removal tool. I paid $375 for these 2 tools alone. Hope this helps in your decision.