Can I get recommendations for a new OIL pressure Gauge...

Freddie's Buick

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Jan 3, 2002
I'm looking for a range of 3-60 psi. At present my electronic one is dead. I want a mechanical one now since I've already had two electronic ones die on me.
I probably won't buy anything other than Stewart Warner again. I love these gauges. Here is a link to Summit where I got it:

And here is a pic comparing the SW to a typical Autometer. The SW lights through the gauge face, whereas AM just does perimeter lighting, which is hard to see.

I agree. I have an Autometer and the range is just not reasonable, (scale: 25, 50, 75 and 100 psi...very inaccurate). These cars have an average range from 3, (DANGER), to a max 50 psi. Normally these engines have a good average idle pressure of 12 psi, (modified pumps can even go higher@higher rpm's). But I don't need anything that goes to 100 psi. Heck even a guage that max's out at 50 psi would be awesome.
Well the engines do have a habit of having low oil pressure issues but my old NA would pop 120 psi on a cold morning with 20/50 in it.:eek: I actually blew an oil filter up like a ballon when it happend and it was a serious bitch to get it off.:mad: If you do everything right and find a guage you like then you should be able to see what kind of pressure you've got working for you.;) should be able to see what kind of pressure you've got working for you.;)

I already know that, (15 psi cold, 12 hot). :rolleyes: It's only that I could never find a guage with the range I described. I'm just asking for opinions on a good replacement oil pressure guage since mine died, (I don't have any oil pressure issues). I've seen farm tractors with gauges close to the ranges I wrote but never for cars. Seems to me most of these oil gauges are meant for V8's.:mad: