Can only get 12 pds of boost, why


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May 25, 2001
I replaced my cam tonight. I broke it in and took it for a ride. I can only get 12 pds of boost. I tried turning the wastegate up but it didn't help. I doubled checked my vacum hoses and they look ok. I don't know what else could be wrong. Any ideas guys?
Hows the gate hooked up? Tuner? ECM controlled? Bleeder? Sounds like something isn't right - 12psi is about the spring pressure of the wastegate......or the ecm is pulling it out for some reason. Any knock? - does the puck seal???
Just throwing ideas @ ya
No o rings, have an i/c. It was hooked up all the same as before. I changed nothing. I have a bleeder vavle. It is working but it seems there is no pressure getting to it. I will pressure check my lines today.
If you wanna find out where your problem is, tie the WG shut, and *slowly* go WOT and see if you can get more than 12psi.


you CAN blow your car to all hell doing this, dont just stomp on the gas you'll peg your 30psi gauge and then hear a loud pop, then your car probably wont run anymore.

if you slowly roll into the throttle while watching the boost (dont forget the road) you can limit your problem to 1 of 2 areas. IC/exhaust leaks, and then the other problem area of the WG hose routing..
That is exactly what I did. I unpluged the wastegate and went for a ride. It made more then 12. So I started checking hoses and seeing if they were pluged. I blew out the hoses with compressed air and tried a bunch of different routings. After I did that and then vented the accuator to atmosphere, it worked. So I don't know if it was the open venting or the clearing of the hoses. All I care is that it works again.
And just in time for the last race of the season today. I feel like a little kid waiting for christmas. I can't wait.