Can someone tell me what this is. Pic inside


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Jan 25, 2012
I recently had a shop install a new rear main seal. When the mechanic removed the oil pan, this is what he found. They are small redish plastic pieces. He transfered the pieces to this pan and i snapped a picture. Can someone tell me what this is or could be. Thanks

I dont know. I received a bunch of paperwork on the car but nothing shows that it been replaced. Could the timing gears be breaking up inside?
Who's saying anything about what pan it is ?? He's wanting to know what the garbage in it is. I'd definitely say it's the stock type timing gear coming apart.
^^^ mike, if that is the case, am i basically running on borrowed time? Is it time to start ripping things apart?
Hard to tell in pic, but it looks like timing gears. If you have that much you are on more than borrowed time. I'd open the front cover immediately.
Maybe i did not explain it right. The mechanic transferred the pieces over to this trans pan so that he can clean out my oil pan for reinstallation. That transmission pan has nothing to do with my car. On another note, my car has 128ooo miles on it. I guess i should consider rebuilding the motor since it may just be easier to do that than disassemble so much just for the timing chain. What do you guys think.
Do a leakdown test and compression test. Put a new timing gear set in it and run it. She may have a little more life in her. Unless you have the money to invest in a rebuild then that's a different story.
Evil, thats exactly what these pieces are. Blackgn1, i dont exactly have the money plus there aren't too many mechanics that are knowledgable in rebuilding these motors down here in south florida.
bogies87 said:
Could be pieces of the stock timing gears. Has the chain been replaced?

I agree with you Ed. If that is timing gear you can bet that your bearings are worn. Why I say that!!! That timing gear pieces as small as that ad most like throughout the motors oil galleries.
Timing chain is a lot easier to do than a rebuild. Take you about a day. On the other hand, as stated above the plastic may have trashed your bearings... When a bearing goes you may get knock even at no boost. Are you getting any?
I dont usually get on it too much. I have gunned it now and then and have gotten knock at times and have gotten no knock at times. I guess that i just wish there was someone close to me down here in south florida. I can do some things myself but i dont feel too confident in doing a timing chain swap. Also, the mechanic that did the rear main seal said that the cap bearing had scratches.
I know of one guy in Miami. PM me your number and I will see if he can call you. Steve
Did he put the pan back up? That pick up will be filled with timing pieces as well. I would change the chain and gears and then start saving money for a rebuild or just buy another engine thats been rebuilt. good luck
Just replace the timing set and be sure to remove and clean out the oil pickup screen. I think the only issue, as far as the bearings, would be if the pieces clogged up the entire oil pickup screen and in that event you should have noticed your oil pressure idiot light coming on and/or low oil pressure if you have a gauge. If you were not getting low oil pressure than the pieces would have been taken care by the oil filter and everything should be OK.

These vinyl sprokets failed on a lot of GM cars from the 70's and 80's, and did not usually result in a rebuilt motor, (just left the drivers dead on the road with little warning!!). Usually the timing set or even just the sproket was replaced (mechanics routinely would not even remove the oil pans, just replace the timing set), and it was good to go for many miles.

Especially since you want to save the $$ and are not racing the car, save your money and just fix the problem.
Fred Santana in Oakland Park only works on GN's. His user name here is TurboT231. PM him or call him at 954-567-3470. I would trust him to do it right.