Can you test knock sensor?

Pace 1989

New Member
Aug 10, 2001
I'm tuning my car, and the O2's are getting down to the 760's on pump gas (way too lean). I get no knock, no ESC, and I'm suspicious. Is there a way to test the knock sensor without blowing the car up? I'm tuning with Turbolink and about 16lbs boost, 44psi static fuel pressure with 009 injectors. I also noticed one time that one ESC count came up, and just stayed there, (even at idle) isn't it supposed to go away in a couple frames? Thanks in advance for the help.

Ken TTA#1426
Try key on, engine off, activate TL and take a socket extension and go tap on the block right near the sensor.

I imagine knock counts stay and reset once they reach 255. At least in directscan they stay.