Can't Compete with This

Not ALL engineers Nigel.
Not ALL politicians either.
My grandfather and two uncles were
engineers, two MEs, and one EE.
The one uncle and grandfather spent their careers making the coal fired Chicago Commonwealth Edison power plants more efficient and cost effective, while the other uncle worked for Raytheon on WMD design.
The first two helped keep the lights on, while the last kept our country from being lit up!
I sat in on plenty of discussions during the years with they and the friends they worked with. That's where I first heard the phrase that "Pawn Stars" Rick made famous: "it's not that I don't trust you, it's that I don't trust anyone."
And one of my favorites: "A Camel is a horse that was designed by a committee."
I have a sign above my desk that says that!
That relates well to most politicians, and many engineers.
When a customer comes in here with a bunch of parts and says: "my buddies and I came up with this build," or I got these ideas off of a forum and blended them together," it's usually a project that we don't want to be involved in!
Supporting "third world" children slaving in a lithium mine with no protective gear is also not an idea that I willingly wrap my mind around either.
BTW, Are they still storing non-recyclable spent lithium batteries in Yucca Flat, Nevada with the non recyclable nuclear waste in the old mine?

Back to policies for a sec: stop all legal immigration and influx of political refugees immediatly and until the U.S. gets operational control of all of our borders.
Stop all work visas for job seekers, there are way too many Americans out of work!
Less than ONE PERCENT of aliens are planting or picking our crops, while more than 16% are on government hand out programs!
Lots of minimum security prisoners could be working the fields instead of sitting in jail cells.
Our out voted, long time, County Sherrif Joe Arpaio had them cleaning up the streets and removing graffiti! He was beaten after about 20 years of an effective tough on crime career, by a George soros backed liberal soft on crime candidate. Soros allegedly donated over TEN TIMES the yearly salary of the Sherrifs pay for political advertising. Crime is up, graffiti is back, and incarceration costs are way up.
I am not seriously running for Emporer, just hoping some of my common sense ideas will trickle into mainstream politics!
And please, do not use the term liberal in any context relating to me!
The problem with politics today.....


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Liberal? Me? Is it that obvious?
The DONALD'S campaign manager just called to see if I was interested in the Veep position. I told him I was really more interested in Emperor than Veep, but I would consider it if I could have more respect than "CAMEL TOE HAIRLESS."
He didn't think that would be an issue, as I believe he stated: "even someone named HOWDY DOODY could pull that off." Anyone know this "Doody" fellow?
P.S. It's called a "thread" because it kinda weaves around...
During harvest here in central Il. we leave the combine(JD S780) in the field over night to get an early start.
It requires around 250 gl.of diesel to fill after a regular days run, some times more.
We have fuel/support trailer to facilitate this process,usually takes around 15 minutes to do this.
I have no idea how big a battery would be needed to match that "energy density"but I doubt it could be charged in 15 mins.
Marty, where in Central IL?
Hey Marty! I used to live in Rochester too! Before I moved to Phx,AZ.
Ever heard of Mcbride construction/ homes? We ran around thru and after high school.
U betcha! Last time I talked to him he was married to Marcy. The 4 of us double dated, and I broke up with marcys gal pal. I knew Gary in high school, he lived a few houses from me.
Haven't spoke in years.