Can't set the preload PLEASE HELP


May 13, 2002
5th time doing it and can't get it right. I understand which one I'm supposed to adjust but I think I'm not adjusting them right. Here's what I'm doing: half turn after zero lash. I'm doing this cold, intake on. I have Scorpion rollers and Morel roller lifters on GN1's. Pushrod length is correct. Is a half turn not enough for those lifters? I heard ticking after the first startup and I readjustment them. It was actaully the stock valve cover baffle on the passenger side hitting the rocker. They were set right to begin with but I screwed all that up. Please help....
I have Morels and Scorpions on GN1 aluminum , I install mine at just over 3/4 turn. They still make some noise but that is just the way the hydraulic rollers are.

Sounds like you're adjusting them correct. I've done 1/2 and 3/4 before with the same results. What valve covers are you using? Don't think they will clear the stockers.
Adjust them by finding compression #1 tdc and do ex 1,5,6, in 1,2,3 then rotate 360* and do ex 2,3,4, in 4,5,6.

1/4 turn equals .0125
1/2 turn eqauls .025
3/4 turn equals .037
1 turn equals .050

Morel suggests .030-.035

I was always told to set valves on the base of the cam.
Exh just starts to open-set the intake valve
Intake full open ,then when 1/2 way closed -set exh valve

I've tried both ways except I was giving it a half turn. I'll try 3/4's of a turn. I have the RJC spacers for stock valve covers. I took the baffle out and it clears fine.