capability of sony xm-450


Goin Sideways
Jun 6, 2001
I have a Sony XM-450 which is rated at 50w x 4, I want to connect my 6 speakers in parallel for a .7 ohm load. Will this amp handle it? In my Camaro I have 8 speakers in parallel connected to a Orion 225 HCCA and the sound is unbelievable, it rocks so hard its a wonder the windows havn't exploded out. But the GN sounds like crap. I have the rear Infinity and door Kenwoods connected to the amp and the dash speakers powered by the head unit. Want to wire it all up in parallel, can the amp take it?
Also, where would I find some cooling fans for these amps as the Orion tends to run a bit hot.
86 GN
I wouldn't count on it. If I remember right the HCCA amps are a low impedance amp. That Sony prop will handle no more than a 2ohm stereo. I might handle 1ohm stereo...I wouldn't risk it.

If its a 4 channel and you are powering the spkrs for your GN I would say run the front 2 sets parallel (door and dash left in parallel, then right side the same on another channel) off of 2 channels and then the rear off of the other 2 channels.

For the fans, just go to Radio shack. They carry fans that will work great.
Cooling fans will help keep the amp cooler running in lower impedence loads. Both of my 4 channels are in an enclosure with 2 12 volt fans pulling air across the heat sinks with a 3/8" plexi-glass top. I also am running 4 purple neon tubes that light up the amp rack that builds heat and the fans work great at cooling off everything inside.