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Feb 28, 2003
There's an 82 or 83 sport coupe in the local junkyard with the 3.8 carb/turbo. Assuming it's the original motor does this have a turbo crank and 2 dot rods? Anything else of value? the turbo assembly is gone already.
Bob, most of the time those had NA cranks and 3 dots. I don't think the turbo cranks with rolled fillets came out until 86, right? Although, one of the 3.8 motors I picked up in Derby, KS back a few years, one of them being a carb'ed turbo setup, had a turbo crank that someone had swapped in during a rebuild. Maybe one of the carb turbo guys can shed some more light on any other good parts. Oh, the carb is worth a little IIRC.

Isn't it too damn cold to be going to the 'yards Bob? ;)
Well I thought that at least the hot air sfi cars had the turbo crank, I've read that quite a few of the 4.1 carb engines had a turbo crank/2 dots also. Without tearing it apart it will always be a gamble, but i'm a gamblin' man as long as I know what my odds are :D
Oh I won't be going there until the weather gets better. This car has been there for years, hood is gone also so i'll need to see how much water is in it. If the intake is still on it the water may be minimal but if it's an open valley the whole thing is probably under ten years of water.
does it have the intake on it?

UPDATE: yes it's on there still. no carb, no turbo but some elbows n such still exist. I got a crappy cell phone pic of it for you. I would still like to know if it had a turbo crank.


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All of the turbo cars from 78 to 87 had the turbo rolled fillet cranks and the only different one is the TTA crank. It was cross drilled on the rod bearing surface to help with oiling. Get the pan off as well as the crank because the 14 bolt pans are kinda hard to come by these days.
Well i need to LOOK closely at it first. I know the guy who bought the hood and turbo off this car and it was every bit of 15 years ago. How much water is in the pan? I will have to ask if they will let me pull it and check and what they would want for any items that happen to be any good. Good news is I scored not one but TWO aluminum radiator supports today. Gonna keep one and trade the other for other parts.

Is this intake worth taking? I see in the hot air section that some are swapping cast iron to aluminum. I would pull it for any of you guys and sell it pretty much for whatever I have in it and shipping.
It will be a sale of some sort and if it's like 20 or 30 I'd say get it. Otherwise it really will be hard to sell.
Yeah but i ain't done lookin' yet! :D

I WILL score a NA 109 and a turbo crank and start collecting parts for a conversion. NO idea what to convert but SOMETHING will get a GN motor and 200-4R, built with 75% junkyard and leftover/outgrown GN parts. Build it myself and learn what not to do while messing with junk instead of high $$$$ stuff in my high $$$$$ car. Hmmm. Find a gbody roller with a 6 point bar in it.....
James, I guess if you are bored you can send me a pm with all the crap you have that you don't need, maybe we can work a trade if you think you want an aluminum support.
I brought an arsenal of tools and it took an hour each with radiators/fans already gone and both header panels and all four fenders already junk. That was a good thing, I had no guilt while kickin' the sh!t out of everything to split it apart after unbolting. To put one IN a nice car, god I don't know if my car needs one that bad. If it does it will be in ten years when it's getting repainted.