"carbon fiber" 3800 upper intake manifold --located in Camden AR

Forsale located in Camden AR

I bought this manifold new from GM to use on a project and am going a different direction. I had the manifold done in carbon fiber pattern

asking 200.00 obo no worries still going Buick power


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is that carbon fiber or carbon fiber sticker?

looks like a sticker to me..

Its made of metal. Has to be some type of overlay And not real CF

Maybe hydrodipped?

has anyone look at my thread. http://www.turbobuick.com/forums/how-tos/329021-how-do-bodywork.html you can paint that on, i showed you how. shelf liner and some silver spayed through it. i did it with spray paint, when i did it, because i was being lazy, but with a spray gun it looks just like that.