CAS V2 Front Mount IC with 2.5" and 3" pipes!


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May 25, 2001
Selling my CAS V2 FMIC. It comes with the 2.5" pipes and hardware and a set of new 3" pipes from this thread:

I am selling to go to a stock(er) appearing setup.

To use the 3" pipes you will need to get the couplers/clamps. The 2,5" pipes have the paint rubbed off in a few places but are in decent shape.


I am asking $650 shipped. Paypal add 3%. If you are local to 92840 or 92614 and can pick up I will knock $50 off. Interested in trade for PTE SLIC or CAS v4 SLIC.
Interested, but don't quite have the funds.

Might have them soon, but i know money talks so my feeling won't be hurt if she sells before i have the $$$

Thanks Joe
I have a mease stock location intercooler with the metal adjustable shroud and powerdercoated 3"uppipe (drilled for alky) I'd be interested in trading if your other doesn't work out..