CAS V4 Or Precision Stock Location

My buddy (he is a member here...just working right now) has a Precision SLIC w/ all the parts in beautiful condition that he never used... He is looking for $625 + the ride. If interested, PM me and I will forward to him so he can send you pics tomorrow.
Im firechasers buddy, I have a percision SLIC heres a few pics $625 its yours. I have all the mounting hardware there too. Im going a different route and need a front mount.


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I have a Keith Meade 15 row with about 3000 miles on it with a brand new powdercoated Adjustable shroud-$525. Shipped.
I have a Keith Mease 15 row with about 3000 miles on it with a brand new adjustable powdercoated shroud-$525. Shipped.