Casper's fan control switch

Slow91z Helper
Staff member
Aug 7, 2003
I can not for the life of me figure out where to hook this thing up...I have the instructions but they aren't very descriptive...

Any input would be great..later guys.
Slow91z, It splices in the air conditioning compressor connections, just behind and a little below the alternator. Nothing to cut, and can be removed and returned to stock at any time.

That's it!

Claude :)
Thanks for the reply.

So it connects directally to the compressor??

OK this might sound weird but there is a connector down there (behind the compressor) that's melted that is identical to the one on the adaptor harness for the fan control....I'm guessing that is the plug that goes into the female end of the harness, and I can't find where it came from (which should be where the male end of the harness goes)...This probably explains why my AC doesn't do to good sitting still, I have to drive it down the road before it gets cold.

Can anyone tell me where on the compressor, or AC lines it goes, because I can't see it just looking.
Any luck with hooking the switch up? I never actually installed it, so I am of no help. Hope all works out.

Nope... I could have swore the last one I hooked up went to a pressure switch in a line, but I can't find any place to hook it up.

Starting to think someone did something strange to my car before I bought it, because it took me 2.3 sec. to find it on the last car.