Cast wheel cracked, can it be welded?


Hey guys,
I inherited my ex's car a while back and I have had a slow leak in the front tires. I checked and found both wheels (cast) have cracks on the inside bead lip area. My question is, can it be welded by someone competent? The 17x9 rims are hard to find and I don't want to buy new ones.:eek: This car is for sale and I don't care to spend any more money on it. BTW, its a 96 WS6 TA.

BTW the GN is put up for the winter!;)
I suppose you could have them welded but you might have a hard time finding someone who is competent that would be willing to weld them. If they are aftermarket wheels ( I'm assuming they aren't) they probably have a lifetime structural warranty on them. Your safest bet would be to replace them with used ones, go visit the many F-body boards or E-BAY and see what you can find. Or you could sell the car and let the next guy worry about them.:D:p
i wouldn't weld them...the heat affected zone around the weld will have different ductile properties than the rest of the wheel(brittle)and could very well make things unsafe...

chuck some fix-a-flat in em and sell it:cool: .
There are several place that do professional wheel repair, but they are not cheap. They will do anything from repairing a curb shot, to replacing a whole missing chunk :eek: .

They guarntee a better than new finish and structure when done. I think their prices range from a minimum (average) of $100 up + shipping.

If you can't seal them up some other way, as stated before, I think your best bet would be EBAY :D