cerami-coating in michigan..


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Dec 31, 2005
Hey, anyone in michigan know where that company is that cerami-coats things? very very close to the coating the gnx got on its up pipe and turbo shield. I met a guy that had both his done, here in the detroit metro area, and it turned out very nicely. i would like to get my turbo shield redone, (its stock now, and i wanted to make it look new again, so i used that hi-heat aluminum paint crap, and while it turned out very nicely, the paint didnt hold up that good.)
Q C coatings in Rochester. 586-566-6315. Had lots of stuff done there. Does good work.
Q.C. Coatings

They have moved. Right by my house. 4 bldgs south of 23 mile rd. I block east of Schoenherr on Rizzo.
Bill is a good guy, and they do super nice work.
Just ask me, I bought his old car! :)
really? no ****? what kind of car was it? TR? im having them do my stock headers and crossover pipe. maybe my downpipe as well. cant wait.
going to also yank my intake manifold/plenum and valve covers, blast 'em, and have them matte clearcoat them as well. my engine is going to be bad ass when im done with it. operation 'quick spool' is underway. will be DESTROYING people on gratiot this spring.