Cheap parts


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May 29, 2008
All parts have to have shipping added to them.

Turbo stock with housing was told its the same as a T3, says garrett m10 $100
Braided turbo exhaust pipes $25 each
Lower door panels brown $30 for pair
Steering column has key in it, tilt,cruise and column shift $40
Throttle body with lines, no IAC motor $20
Steering shaft $10
Coil Ignition bracket $10
Windshield wiper motor $10
Pair of rubber door protector for wires $10
Power steering reservoir,pully and bracket $30
Power door lock, window and remote mirror chrome switches both sides $15
Driver manual mirror,passenger side mirror and rear view mirror $30
84 MAF Sensor $20
Complete set of seat belts brown $20
ECM $20, its off my 84 buick regal t-type. Service number is 1226459 has one sticker stuck on it and another not even off the paper wax backing never separated from the other one
Glove box brown $15
Metal radio backing with cig. lighter $10
Front ashtry $10
Black backing of digital dash with light and defrost controls $20
Window motors pair $10
Window track system pair $20
Door handles inside and out,key lock,rods,all the guts and latches pair $30
Dome light $10
Rocker panel covers that say Body by Fisher pair $30
Aluminum 84 t-type rims $100
I'm interested in the ECM and MAF if shipping isn't too much.

Let me know a total; and how to pay.


Steering shaft

This is the only pic I have at the moment I am at work. I'm pretty sure nothing is busted on it though and if you want a better picture I can send you one once I get off work.


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reference the rims...
are they the ones with the "T" center caps and fin style design.

Maybe a pic would be good. I guess shipping would be an issue, maybe just interested in the center caps.

Let me know.

also are all the parts from an 84. if so would be interested in the up and down pipes.

I'm guessing shipping would be around $15 a rim but I'm not sure. If you are really interested I could get an actual price.
All parts are from an 84


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cool, yeah thats them.

are all the center caps still there?

If so, is the paint missing on all of them?

Here's the 3 caps. I sent you a pm and an e-mail with a picture of the pipes.


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Again shipping has to be added to price

Drive shaft $10
set (12) pushrods $10
Double-roller timing chain w/ sprockets $10
Manifold intake (aluminum part on top of motor) $30
Vavle covers $25 each
Engine cylinder head $35 each
Flywheel $10
Balancer $35
Power steering reservoir,pully and bracket $30
Flywheel $10
please confirm the condition of the flywheel.... external Balance, condition of teeth, and not bent....
also quote shipping to 28025 and payment method for the items above

MAF and ECM are sold.
I think I got back with everyone. If I missed someone let me know.