Check out this SCAM on EBAY!! Beware!!

The seller responds to buyers email with this:

Hello and thank you for contacting me

I will tell you a few words about the car.

First of all the car is fully restored and looks just like in the pictures.It is in imaculate condition and has no schrach on and hasn't been involved in any accident.
The motor runs very well. This is a clasic car that has a lot of the original parts and the tires are almost new.The title is clear ,it is not a salvage one.
The car belongs to my grandfather.He died and left me the car by will.I have legal document by wich I can transfer the title to your name.
The car is now in Germany as my grandfather lived there.He loved this kind of cars and he collected and restored them.The car is mostly garage kept
Because i can't carry all his things back home i am selling them.
I am willing to sell it and shipp it to any of the UE countries or to US.I will not ship to any African,Asian or Eastern European countries.I know that the price is low but i have no use for the car and I want to get back home as soon as i sell it.
I want to sell the car asap so I am willing to pay 25% of the shipping fees nomatter of the location.
I require a deposit of 3000USD.The money is a reservation for the car.First one who makes the deposit will be the buyer.I need the deposit to be sure that you want the car and in order to proceed with shipping and all the aditional export taxes.

I wait your further questions and i will provide any infos you need.
Thank you