Check this car out

I remember those non turbo T's. There was a nice one in BG, KY that I looked at (briefly) when I was in high school. Is that leftover T-type emblem supposed to be on the trunk? I don't remember, but it seems like an even sillier emblem than the T on the fender. If you picked one up real cheap it wouldn't be a bad driver though.
I had one. Mine was a limited. They are just like the turbo t just without the engine. Mine had the limited leather interior and ttype wheels and steering wheel and even the t fender emblems just like the turbo cars. Even had the handling package. Yeah the 307 in mine anyways drunk the gas and was very weak. Nice candidates for a turbo 3.8 though.
Definately repainted. T's on the fenders are too high. Has 86 TTYPE emblem on the trunk. Nice color combo though. I like it but not for $12K!