Checkout my shopping list I need.


Jun 30, 2011
Looking for the following items. I will add and remove items as needed. Please include shipped price to 39503.

1: TH400 Flex Dipstick
2: TH400 Deep Pan
3: TH400 Crossmember rubber mount
4: B&M Trans Supercooler (must be new)
5: Rear Sway bar ( the one that bolts to the axle and not the A-arm mounts)
6: Radiator Support Bracket
7: Aluminum Rear diff cover
8: Billet Pulley set
9: Champion Heads (a good used set, iron or aluminum)
10: Champion Intake
11. Billet fuel rails for external regulator
12: Precision Plenum

Thanks for looking,
Chad, recognize that the B&M coolers are made by the company Tru-Cool. purchase a supercooler in the Tru-Cool white box will save some $$ vs buying the same part for more in a B&M box. you're probably looking for the Tru-Cool M7B or H7B. do your internet search accordingly.
If you haven't found one, I have a Radiator Support Bracket off my 1987, you can text me @ 720-77
sorry about that, don't know what happened, the guy with the Radiator Support Bracket...720-771-3089