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Mar 4, 2002
What type of chip should i use for street,strip?'85gn soon to be bottle fed im going to use the nos as a stealthy power boost totally hidden from view.a lot of the members said no but i already bought it and im gonna use a 50 shot.Im waiting for fuel pump and regulator. i still need hot wire kit and fuel gauge.also what plugs should i run.THANK YOU.Im very anxious to make her FAST WITH CLASS!!
Contact Joe Lubrant or Jay Carter to make you a chip for using nitrous. I woul personally use a 100 octane chip with 110 octane gas so you could run higher timing, but still have some safety buffer zone for when the NOS kicks in. Will really help eliminate knock and give you some room to work with respect to tuning using NOS which can be difficult even with scantools etc...