Christmas Eve

Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
Although not Turbo Buick I thought readers would get a kick out of this poem that a friend of mine Tom Szymczyk wrote as noted back in 1994. He is the long time editor of the GTO Legend. Many consider the the GTO as being the premier muscle car or what gave birth to the muscle car. It may give someone ideas on writing one inserting the Turbo Regal or Grand National into the copy.

Anyrate.....enjoy tomorrow with your

I wrote this in 1994 for the 30th anniversary of the GTO. It's still appropriate at the 50th. I don't think we ever published this in The Legend, so unless you saw it in my local chapter newsletter, here it is...

Christmas Eve 1964
by Tom Spellcheck

'Twas the night before Christmas, 1964

When an elf came knocking on Santa's office door.

"Mr. Clause, there's a problem," was what the elf said,

"The reindeer are sick and they can't pull your sled!"

"They all caught the flu -- they're hacking and wheezing,

They have stuffy heads and they're coughing and sneezing."

"Give 'em Nyquil," said Santa, "is what we should do,

But it won't be invented til 1982."

"Those reindeer can rest," Santa said to the elf.

"This year I'll deliver the presents myself.

I've got a new beast to pull the big sleigh,

One I've been saving for just such a day."

So they went around back to Santa's garage

And walked past a shiny red Super Stock Dodge.

"This one," said Santa, "belongs to Aunt Gina.

She's a little old lady that lives in Pasadena."

"The Dodge here is quick and my Corvette can run

But we need more than speed to get this job done.

Delivering presents, we race through the sky.

These cars are fast but I need one that can fly!

So Santa walked down to the end of the row

And unlocked the door of a new GTO.

He hooked up the sleigh, saying, "This one is fine --

Three deuces, a four-speed, and a 389."

He then cranked it over -- it rumbled real loud.

He idled outside then spoke to the crowd:

"Without any reindeer I'll still make my run.

Just me and this Goat, I think we'll have fun."

He revved it right up and then dropped the clutch.

He wheelied through first, the guy was too much!

By second he's airborne and pulling some G's.

He power shifts third while clearing the trees.

He circled the pole and then headed South,

A twinkle in his eye, a smile on his mouth.

And we heard him exclaim at 100 miles per hour,

When all else fails, you should always Tri-Power!"
Merry Christmas Denis, and a big thanks for all you give to the Turbo Buick family.:)

Mike Barnard
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