CK Performance 2004r Valve Body


Boost...gotta get some!
Aug 16, 2012
CK Performance street/strip valve body. $300 Shipped

This special package includes everything you need to transform the GM2004R transmissions hydraulic system for high performance street and strip use.This easy to install package was engineered to be a cost effective direct bolt in for all transplants and most high performance buildups. A carefully selected valve body core is remanufactured and assembled with the components included in our SHIFT RECALIBRATION KIT #24RSRK/A. Re-engineered springs for the accumulator valve,line bias,1/2 accumulator ,and 3/4 accumulator,and an updated 3/4 accumulator piston introduce a throttle sensitive accumulator and pressure rise system that meets the demands of high output engines.This reduces friction element failure and excessive heat build up during and after ratio changes.This allows the shifts to get shorter and firmer as the throttle is opened,resulting in clean ,positive gear changes at small throttle angles and short ,firm shifts with larger throttle angles.A new AC/DELCO seperator plate is properly orificed to increase the flow of oil to the friction elements.A remanufactured governor is assembled with a combination of weights and springs to provide wide open throttle upshifts between 4800 and 6000 RPMS.based on the needs of your combination. This valve body can also be shifted manually and will hold 1st, 2nd,and 3rd gears to any rpm.New .555" TV boost valve,and .296" intermediate boost valves and a heavy duty pressure regulator spring significantly raise transmission mainline pressure to increase clutch and band apply pressures.

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