Classic fast Bank/bank inj firing seq


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Dec 25, 2003
What i want to know is how i does the Bank/bank box fire the injectors?

Do they fire all the injectors on the left bank and then all the injectors on the right bank.

Could perhaps the firing strategy be that it fires them in a batch mode firing 2 injectors per rev.

Could perhaps it be firing the injectors in mode where 1-6-5 is one bank and the other bank is 4-3-2.

If the firing seq is truly bank to bank IE 2-4-6/1-3-5 then why couldn't i make it a semi SFI by rewiring the harness to make it fire 1-6-5 as one bank and 4-3-2 as the other bank.

I'm just wondering if this would help make having the bank2bank box more efficient @ low rpm's like a SFI unit is.


Pat Broughton
The Classic FAST B2B on a V6 will fire the injectors sequentially, but out of phase. On a 4 or 8 cylinder application it will fire them as a true B2B. Because of this, we are able to get away with a much larger injector than others with B2B setups.

Could it be posiable to rewire the injectors so they will fire along with the firing order of the engine. IE 165-432. so it actually turns on one injector @ a time or does it fire them 3 and 3?

you stated that it fires them in sequence but out of phase. so does it fire them 123456 but the out of phase depends on where the motor is at when the first start up is at?
You will need the box modified to run SEFI in phase. The B2B V-6 box does fire the injectors every other crank rotation which helps significantly with idle quality over normal B2B setups.