Classic FAST Plug and Play Sequential


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Jan 6, 2002
For your turbo Buick:
Classic FAST SEQUENTIAL ECU, with the Plug-And-Play adapter, matched NTK WBO2 sensor with extension adapter harness, CD ROM, and serial data cable for your laptop. All you will need is a 3-BAR MAP sensor to complete this setup. Plug-And-Play and you'll have it installed in one afternoon. $875 shipped.
Response to the questions I'm getting, the box came off a running vehicle last week, and is set up for 50lb. injectors. You change the injectors you run, in the software when you install it, and you will want to tweak some of the settings once you get it in. PLENTY of tuning info on the web.

You add:
Bung for WBO2 sensor (minimum 12 in. away from turbo, on the downpipe)
3 BAR MAP sensor (GM style)

Then you're ready to go.
I will include a free custom startup program for whoever buys this.
Thanks for the offer, Cal! Now that's an offer you can't refuse...!

Cal is the hands-down expert in tuning your GN.