FAST classic and windows 10

No smoking for me used to but no longer when I did, this was my weapon of choice! One of a few in my collection.

Wish I could trade some limited edition german glass for that gen2 pt6870 someone is selling lol
Today gonna use a tap splice connector and splice the MAP middle connector then hot wire into the middle MAF connector, it should STAY running. This is just temporary until I get the DFI MAP to MAF harness from Caspers. At least in the mean time I can finally idle the car and do a couple of flush cycles to get the crap out of the motor, I'll idle for 10-15 getting it hot and checking fans on/off, then flush. Then I can move the car in the garage and go for the body bushings!

Also might have Norbs remote access my laptop and check out my idle settings. I still have the old program for 83lb injectors, but need to change some parameters for my new 120lb.
Wasn't able to hookup with Norbs today so we planned for Thursday.

Car finally fired and stayed running! She sounds good!! Hot wired the MAF to MAP, but new caspers harness will be here weds.

UNFORTUNATLY no forward gears in D 3,2,1. But it has reverse so I guess I can go from OC to SD for the show in reverse lol. And my new dry installed cork gasket didn't work, leaks out the front of the pan, so ordered a duraprene and will use permatex copper spray on both sides. Checked fluid level after it got warmed up and it was a little low but nothing a splash didn't fix.

She's making me earn it thats for sure, this bitch is feisty!